A Snapshot of What we do

The Devil may be in the details,
but the details are in the data.


We think of it as the first rule of business intelligence; the implications govern everything we do. Expect smart, nimble, flexible and easy-to-use database marketing solutions without too-good-to-be-true promises that can’t be kept. Count on us keeping ours.

Our Marketing Database Solutions are designed for marketers.  Built to perform reliably and consistently, and supported by seasoned, experienced, business professionals with incurably inquisitive minds always striving for an even better way.

Our Marketing Analysis Suite is a robust portfolio of automated tools, assembled to give you just what you need not what we’d like to sell you. Powerful analysis and visualization capacity ignites your marketing potential efficiently, effectively and with fewer headaches.

Our Consulting and Managed Services help maximize the ROI on your database marketing investment, with practical tools and apps empowering improved customer communication and interaction.  Automate as much – or a little – as you like.

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