Campaign Manager

Successful, Easier-to-Manage Campaigns

Powerful, Scalable, Intuitive and Easy-to-Configure.

shutterstock_128774765Dataworks Direct Campaign Manager provides an intuitive interface to configure your campaigns customized to your specifications. Exclusions and filers, prioritized relationship levels and types, segments and splits; sample groups, control groups, and trial runs; scheduled, automated and manual execution, security levels, sharing, editing and much more.

The point is that there is virtually limitless flexibility empowering campaign design on your terms. For all of that, and in every case, the benefits are dramatic.

  • Define and Deploy Quickly
    Sophisticated marketing campaigns, fast and easy.
  • Nurture Customer Relationships
    With timely, relevant, targeted communication.
  • Prioritized, Synchronized to Lifecycles
    Communication enhancing sales and retention.
  • Better Managed Marketing Resources
    Leveraged value for even the tightest budget.
  • Enhanced Customer Targeting
    A product of superior customer intelligence.
  • Testing and Campaign Refinement
    Maximize full value from customers and offers.
  • Reporting and Campaign Measurement
    Greater insight driving improved results.