Privacy Policy

The Corporate Policy of Dataworks Direct, Inc.

Concerning Your Personal Data that it Collects and/or Manages

Last Revised 12/29/2019


Dataworks Direct, Inc. (“We,” “Our,” or “Us”) is committed to protecting the security and privacy of personal data about you (“Your Personal Data”) that we collect and/or manage.


Your Personal Data That We Collect

There are four ways in which we may collect Your Personal Data:

  • If you use the “Contact Us” function of our website (, you will provide us with some number of data elements that describe you, such as name, job title, company name, address, phone number, and email address (“Your Contact Information”).


Except for this “Contact Us” function, our website is purely informational.  And, our website does not employ information-gathering tools such as log files and cookies.

  • If, through another vehicle besides this “Contact Us” function of our website, you express an interest in obtaining additional information about our services, or if you request customer support, or if you sign up for an event/webinar/contest, we may require that you provide us with Your Contact Information.
  • If you attend an event, we may upon your consent scan your attendee badge, which will provide us with Your Contact Information.
  • If you visit our offices, you may be required to register as a visitor, and provide information such as Your Contact Information, and the time and date of your arrival and departure.


We do not contract with any third parties to collect Your Personal Data.


Your Personal Data That We Manage

This section describes the circumstances upon which it might come to be that we manage Your Personal Data.

We provide three core services:  1) hosted marketing databases, 2) data management, and 3) analytics.  Typically, the data management and the analytics are performed on data that is associated with our hosted marketing databases.  As a result of our three core services, our infrastructure stores and transmits data about our customers’ businesses as well as data collected by those businesses (“Hosted Data”).

Hosted Data may include personal information and other information that belongs to our clients’ own customers, prospects, website visitors, or other contacts.  It is possible that, for one or more of our clients, you might be such a customer, prospect, website visitor, or other contact.  If this is the case, then it is likely that we manage Your Personal Data.


Concerning any of Your Personal Data that we might manage, our policy is to:

  • Forbid our clients from sending us sensitive data elements such as: 1) Social Security Number, 2) potentially-problematic financial data corresponding to credit cards, bank accounts, etc., and 3) user ids and passwords.
  • Require that our clients, previous to sending us any of Your Personal Data, represent that it: 1) has the authority to do so, and 2) permits us to use Your Personal Data in accordance with our data security and privacy policies.


We will not share Your Personal Data that we collect or manage, except under the following circumstances:

  • At the direction of you or our corresponding client(s).
  • As requested by law enforcement agencies, or as required by law.
  • To maintain the security of the services that we provide to our clients, and of our network and data (including assisting third-party claimants in investigating security breaches).
  • To collect money owed to us, including through legal proceedings.
  • To identify, contact, or take legal action against customers or third parties that have:  1) violated one or more of our data security and privacy policies, or 2) interfered with property rights or the services that we provide, or 3) broken the law.


We are not responsible for the use or misuse of Your Personal Data by our clients.


How to Contact Us about Your Personal Data

Please contact us by email at if you:

  • Suspect that Your Personal Data has been provided to us improperly.
  • Suspect that we have misused Your Personal Data.
  • For any other reason would like to exercise your rights pertaining to Your Personal Data.